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Edit, A Leading Fantasy Gaming Platform in India Raises Venture Debt Financing from KapTable and AngelBay

The Eastern Herald 12 Oct 2021
“Shubham Bansal, the Co-founder of League11 and Mayank have been avid gamers and full time coders and have demonstrated a single minded vision in developing code and nurturing the young engineers in their team.

Defy boundaries with Alienware m15 R6

TechRadar 06 Oct 2021
This is a standard image of a gamer’s cove that you’d draw in your mind ... This is probably the stereotype persona that you can create of a gamer ... Thanks to the Alienware m15 R6, now anyone can be a gamer - even though you’re a student, a banker, a coder, a content creator, a clerk at the office, a housewife, an intern or even a sales manager.

Playing it right: how online gaming is gaining traction among Indian gaming players amid COVID-19

Your Story 23 Sep 2021
... revenue source for online gaming players), and will create a demand to promote gaming studios that are Indian in their DNA and will also help in creating jobs for those coders, gamer developers, programmers and designers that are trying to “develop” the gaming ecosystem in India.

MSI GF Series: Your perfect work and play companion

Hindustan Times 14 Sep 2021
While the GF series with 16 series graphics serves as a pocket friendly student laptop for light coders and gamers, those looking for higher performance, like system analysts or professionals using high-power graphics, can go for the RTX30 series variant.

Transform your tiny laptop into a 3-screen productivity suite with Mobile Pixels

Mashable 08 Sep 2021
TL;DR. Take your dual monitor setup anywhere with the Mobile Pixels TRIO Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor and $20 of site credit for just $256.99 ... Perfect for coders , writers, gamers, entrepreneurs , editors, students, and other working professionals, the Mobile Pixels TRIO screens can increase productivity by 42 percent and reduce errors by 20.

Gulf’s young need to try a hand at gaming as next big career break

Gulf News 06 Sep 2021
But contrary to the consensus, a career in gaming doesn’t just entail being a professional gamer ... The launch of the UAE National Program for Coders in partnership with tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon, is the latest development designed for not just gamers to gain a foothold in the job market.

5 things to look for in Ryan Reynolds' new movie 'Free Guy'

The Oklahoman 13 Aug 2021
Brandy McDonnell   . Oklahoman. Show Caption. Hide Caption ... Entertain This!, USA TODAY ... 'Free Guy' ... Her Molotov Girl is an action hero perfectly capable of saving herself, and her Millie is a brilliant, beautiful coder and gamer.  ... 13 only in theaters — particularly appealing to teenagers, gamers and pop culture aficionados.  ... .

INTERVIEW: FREE GUY is finally coming to theatres, and the cast couldn’t be more excited

The Beat 09 Aug 2021
On being a gamer, or gamer-adjacent ... The cast decided Ambudkar is the biggest gamer among them, and he told the group that he plays Fortnite with his friends to stay in touch. Keery, not a gamer per se, or a coder, found a new appreciation for coding and games through the enthusiasm by Keys for the world.

Saudi Arabia’s ‘ThinkTech Talk’ initiative brings worldwide e-gaming expertise to the table

Arab News 01 Aug 2021
Last year, over 15,000 coders, engineers and designers from 80 countries joined The Global Hack as part of the Gamers Without Borders initiative ... Last year, over 15,000 coders, engineers and designers from 80 countries joined The Global Hack as part of the Gamers Without Borders initiative ... Saudi Arabia is home to 21.2 million gamers.

Umshini uyakhuluma: Technology threatens the human touch in Nguni Machina

Mail Guardian South Africa 25 May 2021
Mthembu made what is possibly an African first; the shortest (five minutes-long), fully AI-generated music album released under creative commons ... The Maestro dataset and Wave2Midi2Wave by Magenta Tensorflow ... He insists ... A photographer, gamer, coder, open data advocate and mathematics and science educator, Mthembu is a founding member of Big Fkn Gun.

Niesha White Unites Black Tech Lovers in Birmingham

The Birmingham Times 08 Apr 2021
By Javacia Harris Bowser. For the Birmingham Times ... “With me being a transplant to Birmingham, it was hard to know what was going on and who to connect with,” White said ... BBT welcomes all levels of tech interest and experience, ranging from coders, designers, and tech gear gurus to videographers, digital marketers, and gamers ... Long-Time Tech Lover ... .

Virtual land and spaceships: NFTs and the new crypto frontier

Al Jazeera 26 Mar 2021
It is also inspiring gamers to spend more time and money playing in their favourite imagined realms, ... Parcels are brought and sold on blockchain-based websites like and, where gamers, coders and everyone else can trade digital assets in crypto bazaars.

NOONAN | As long as we're renaming mascots...

Colorado Politics 04 Mar 2021
Paula Noonan. The bill on mascots should be rewritten to put in a new set of criteria for these emblems of school pride. The bill rightly rejects mascots using American Indian images and names. It should be amended to require schools with dated mascots to freshen up ... A mascot like “the Coders” would be cool. “Gamers” would work ... That’s a good one ... ....

Make Your Laptop a Dual-Screen PC With This Device

Interesting Engineering 18 Feb 2021
Nowadays it seems we are all stuck to our laptops for hours or even days. What could possibly make that experience easier on our eyes and heads? ... The TRIO is ideal for working professionals, gamers, stock traders, entrepreneurs, coders, and students that are on-the-go ... Advertisement.

Whirlwind FX Element Keyboard Whirlwind FX Element Keyboard

TechRadar 27 Jan 2021
 Two-minute review . At first glance, the Whirlwind FX Element keyboard appears to be like any other mechanical keyboard available in the market ... But its unique RGB lighting sets it apart from most of its competitors ... For coders and expert gamers, that’s going to be an amazing journey to explore ... (Image credit. TechRadar) ... (Image credit.